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Unclaimed Refund Recovery Services
Helping People Recover Their Unclaimed Money

Our Services - ​What We Do For You:
​To assure receipt of your Mortgage  Insurance Premium Refund Check

Dear Homeowner:
There are hundreds of thousands of homeowners who are entitled to Mortgage Insurance Premium refunds. Unfortunately, most homeowners are totally unaware that this money is available to them and a large number probably will not get their money back. Their funds will remain in the government's  trust account and most likely will be lost to the homeowners.

We won't let that happen in your case.

Please take a chance (it will be a good one) and just give us the opportunity to prove to you the reality of this 100% legitimate  Insurance  refund. Our services will cost you absolutely nothing until we have proven our services and your refund check has been approved, issued and has arrived in your mail box.

You will ultimately be glad you put your faith and trust in us.

Thank you!
Smiles and Happy Thoughts!

Rafael Silvagnoli
Owner / Manager / Processor


Verify Your Refund Entitlement Yourself
1. The very first step once you sign up will prove to you beyond doubt that you are truly entitled to receive this refund, that this is definitely not a scam and in spite of what may have been thought, that "this is too good to be true!", the fact is absolute fact. To enable you to verify your refund yourself, we offer:
           A. Information to Confirm and Verify your refund entitlement.
​           ​B. Phone number to call
           C. Your specific account number, and
           D. What to ask for, and
           E. What to do with it once you receive it.

​Proof of Ownership Provided

2. For you, we take care of a major requirement of providing Proof of Ownership Documents, at our expense, thus eliminating the necessity of a time-consuming, costly and often frustrating trip by you to the appropriate County Court House to conduct a public records search for the very specific recorded real estate documents and the purchase of copies of those documents at an average cost of $1.00 per page (usually 20-40 pages). An important part of our services is to obtain for you and provide to you these specific documents, i.e. Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Releases of Deeds of Trust, Quit Claim Deeds, and perhaps other required documents, again, at our expense.

Submission Packages Prepared for You
3. Most importantly, we provide you with a submission package (actually two packages) that guarantees issuance of your Insurance Premium refund check in the shortest possible time.
          A. First package is carefully prepared and provided to you for review, signatures and submission to request your refund, which includes:
               1. Customized refund request letter for your signature
               2. Refund Request instructions
               3. Specific pages of Proof of Ownership Documents
               4. Stamped, pre-addressed envelope for your convenience and prompt submission. The sooner the package is submitted, the sooner your refund check will arrive in your mailbox!
         B. The second package is for you to keep for your records and reference, which includes:
              1. Copy of customized refund request letter,
              2. Copies of the Proof of Ownership real estate documents.
              3. Simple instructions and check list..

Systematic Follow-ups
4. Then, we systematically follow-up to the conclusion of your refund process
        A. Our system includes systematic follow-ups regarding refund requests forms, submission and process status
        B. When your refund check has been approved and issued, you will be notified by either phone call or email of the Good News! It's always a joy to make that call!

Processing Fee
5. When you have received your refund check in the mail, then the processing fee as stated on payment agreement is due within five (5) days of receipt of your check!.

Then, Congratulations Are In Order -
Our Mission Has Been Accomplished
And Your Money Is In Your Pocket!

Thank you in advance for allowing us the privilege and opportunity to be of service